There are many tools that you can use to record your video and several of them are free. The list below is not an exhaustive list but includes our favorite tools that most people have the most success with! 


You can download Zoom here

Here is how to record with Zoom

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

You can download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) here

Here is how to record with Open Broadcaster (OBS)


You can access Panopto here

Here is how to record with PanOpto


Here is how to record with Powerpoint

There are also a number of tools available for editing videos after they have been recorded. We recommend the two systems below. 


This is really useful for splicing videos together and is a free option!

You can download OpenShot here


This is useful for compressing videos to meet the noted file size limitations. 

You can download Handbrake here