You’ll want to use the ticket system for details and troubleshooting, project manager for creative elements and questions. 

For the items listed in the article for when your event is more than a week away, send to the ticket system, but if they must be done within 24 hours please make it very clear what the go-live date for your event is in the request. 

It is time for you to perform an audit of your event! You can use the Speaker Audit and Session Audit functions in the VME to help you with this. 

Please note that vConferenceOnline will endeavour to perform an audit of the event, however it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their event looks and acts the way that they expect it to by completing an audit on their own. This is exactly like an in-person event in that the convention center is not ultimately responsible for exhibitor booths looking the way that is expected or that the speakers have submitted all of their materials for their presentations. Anything that needs to be changed must be discussed with vConferenceOnline with enough time for the platform to make those updates which may include custom coding. All custom coding must be completed at least 3 business days in advance of the event and will be placed into production on a schedule determined by Bits on the Wire.