You’ll want to use the support desk for details and troubleshooting, Project Manager/Event Coach for creative elements and questions. 

Your Help Widget in the VME will help with you the setup of your event including articles on every field in the VME. If the articles do not answer your questions you can reach out to the support team through that widget. They can also help you with: 

  • Turning on/off gamification button in Help Center for attendee transparency

  • Changing between the two session listing templates for your microsite

  • Creating custom price points for different types of tickets

  • Setting up an email blast to your attendees

  • Troubleshooting on exhibitor booths, including formatting, inserting videos, and uploading images.

  • Troubleshooting on poster booths, including formatting, inserting videos, and uploading images.

  • Creating a chat lounge for your event

  • Disabling booth admin functions

  • Updating your On Demand period

  • Turning on Sponsors for the Session Boards

  • Setting up or Stripe credentials (required for paid events)

  • Uploading a custom HTML event lobby

We highly recommend getting all of these set up a week or more prior to your event - if not earlier!

For creative elements regarding your event (the questions of, “I want to make this type of thing do I do that in a virtual space?”) should always go to your Project Manager/Event Coach. They know the system inside and out and can find ways to be creative!