Important Notes: 

    Videos should be 800MB or less to be successfully uploaded. 

    Please go here for general tips: LINK

    Please go here for camera setup tips: LINK

    Please go here for audio setup tips: LINK

Steps to record using Zoom: 

  1. Open Zoom

  2. Sign in using your email and password

  3. Click "New Meeting"

  1. Click “Join with Computer Audio” to use the microphone system attached to the computer. 

  2. Click “Record” in the lower portion of the screen when you are ready to record. 

  1. Choose where you want the recorded video to be stored. The options are “Record on this computer” and “Record to the Cloud”. Recording to your computer will create and save the file directly onto your computer. Recording to the cloud will have Zoom email you a link to download the file afterwards. Choosing either one will start the recording. 

  2. If you are sharing any items (pdf, document, powerpoint), click “Share Screen” and select the file that you will be sharing when it is time to display that image.  

  1. Zoom has a “whiteboard” functionality built in where you can treat the screen like a whiteboard. This is accessed through the same “Share Screen” section. 

  2. Zoom also has functionality where the shared slides can be used as a virtual background. Please click here for more details

  1. Continue to talk as you present the information. 

  2. When you have finished sharing the document, click “Stop Share”

  3. When you have finished your presentation, click “Stop Video”, then click “End Meeting”. 

  4. The video will be created and posted to your chosen location from step 6.